What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is about connecting with something larger than yourself, whether it’s your religion, your higher self, or the universe. It’s a deeper connection that gives meaning to your life and helps you navigate tough times. It’s a path to finding purpose and feeling connected with your community and the world around you.

For some, spirituality involves a belief in God or a higher power, while others think it’s about non-religious experiences such as meditation, yoga, and spending time in nature. Still, many people who identify as “spiritual” don’t actually follow a particular religion. In fact, the definition of spirituality has become more about a general sense of meaning and connection, rather than specific beliefs or practices.

Those who are searching for a spiritual path may feel they have a spiritual hunger that needs to be fed. In this article, I explore the possibilities of what your spiritual hunger may be, as well as ways to find the nourishment that is best for you.

I’ve also researched what it means to be spiritual, and have found that there are multiple dimensions of spirituality. These dimensions can be grouped into three categories: 1. Spirituality and meaning.