A Beginner’s Guide to Business Creation

Starting a business is an exciting prospect, but it’s not without its challenges. From creating a business website to finding funding, there are many important questions to consider. This guide will help you take the first steps towards becoming your own boss.

Entrepreneurship is widely recognized as a major source of economic growth and adaptation, as well as an attractive career choice for millions. It is viewed as a process that employs what Schumpeter called the “gale of creative destruction,” generating new goods, services and business models that replace inferior ones in markets or industries while also introducing new technologies and processes that improve efficiency and enhance productivity. The result is the creation of wealth for entrepreneurs and society as a whole, even though the vast majority of start-ups fail.

This insightful book provides an in-depth assessment of the contemporary business creation process, based on representative samples of early stage nascent ventures. It identifies the major relationships among a wide range of relevant variables, with special emphasis on those influencing the proportion of nascent ventures that eventually reach profitability and the social costs associated with participation in this activity.

If you’re ready to launch your professional project, start by learning how to create a website and choose the right platform for your product. Then find out how to fund your venture, and read up on the legal requirements of your industry. Finally, learn how to promote your business and build a strong brand with tips from experts.