What is Fashion?

Fashion is a cultural system that includes not only the styles of clothing, but also those of hairstyles, accessories, makeup and other personal adornments. It is an industry involving the creation, marketing and sale of clothing, footwear and cosmetics based on current trends.

Fashion can be an understated whisper or a high-energy scream; it can be an all knowing wink and smile; it is an extension of who we are. The best fashion statements are those that are completely true to the individual.

Whether the style is classic shifts, maxis or pencil skirts – there are several colour stories that have been happening on the street thus far that will leave you feeling inspired. Look out for tones like kelly green, fire engine red and monochrome combos that are straight off the colour wheel.

Styles also reveal groups people belong to – goths, skaters, preps – and create stereotypes that create distance between individuals. For example, a boy wearing green hair and multiple piercings might be seen as a rebel and outsider by some, but in his group he’s a ‘herb’. Changes in fashion are often influenced by societal changes and the financial interests of manufacturers and retailers. But recent research shows that internal taste mechanisms can drive changes in fashion independently of external influences and economic factors. This is known as ‘fashion momentum’. The’momentum’ effect is thought to explain why clothes designed in a particular decade, for instance bell-bottom jeans or a baggy sweater, quickly evolve into the styles of a new decade.