How to Write Newsworthy Articles


News is information about events that have just happened, or are happening now. It is generally published by newspapers and other media outlets, such as radio and television. News reports can also be found on the Internet.

A newspaper article usually starts with a headline that is a short summary of the story. It is often written by the editorial staff, although some publications allow their contributors to write headlines. The article then begins with a lead paragraph that contains many of the basic facts about the story, such as who, what, where, when and why. The lead is followed by a brief byline that identifies the writer.

It is important to consider the audience for a news article when writing one. The content should be interesting, but it is also necessary to ensure that the information is accurate. This is especially important if the article will be printed in a publication with a reputation for accuracy.

In addition to being accurate, a good news article should be balanced. This means that both sides of an issue are presented, rather than just the view that is most appealing to the author. A good example of this is a story that discusses the effects of zoning laws on businesses. The writer should present both the benefits and the drawbacks of zoning laws to the reader.

Finally, it is important to consider the time frame when deciding what to write about. It doesn’t do a community newspaper much good to report on something that happened a week ago – the community has already moved on. The same is true for a national or worldwide news item.