How to Write a News Article

News is a collection of information about events, people, places and things. It is often reported by journalists, and can be found in a variety of forms such as newspapers, television, radio, and the Internet. The credibility of News depends on a number of factors such as accuracy, fairness and impartiality. In addition, journalists must adhere to a set of ethical standards and practices such as verifying facts, quoting sources, and separating news from opinion and commentary.

When writing a news article, it is important to know your audience. Asking the questions: Who am I writing this for, where are they reading it (locally or nationally), why are they interested in this story, and what is the most important piece of information to convey can help focus the writer on the most important information. It is also helpful to have a good lead, which is the first paragraph that gives a preview of the story. The lead usually includes most of the basic facts and is a great place to add some creativity to a story.

The final step is to edit the article and format it for publication. This is the stage where the author can use the most creativity. The headline is usually the most important aspect of the story as it needs to be catchy, emotional evoking, or curiosity provoking. The body of the article is typically written from top down, meaning that the most important information is given at the beginning and then less significant information is revealed in each subsequent paragraph.