Writing About Social Issues

An issue is a topic that can affect people in different ways. These issues may reflect current events, or they can comprise long-standing problems and disagreements. Some of the most pressing social issues include poverty, inequality, homelessness, climate change, and mental health.

When writing about these topics, it’s important to avoid using emotive language and putting too much of your personal bias into the article. Instead, try to present facts and figures that illustrate the problem and how it might be resolved.

You can also use alternative words to add precision to your writing. For example, “problem” and “challenge” are both acceptable alternatives to “issue.” Using these words can make your article more reader-friendly.

Climate Change

The world’s population is growing rapidly. This increase puts additional strain on governments and systems worldwide. Additionally, the changing climate is making food and water resources scarcer. This is a particularly serious issue for Sub-Saharan Africa, where the highest levels of child mortality and HIV infection can be found.


This is an issue that can be a huge obstacle for progress on other global issues. Corrupt practices like bribery, money laundering, and election manipulation can prevent governments and organizations from achieving their goals of ending poverty, improving healthcare, and increasing gender equality. To tackle corruption, transparency is key, and effective anti-corruption initiatives need to be implemented at all levels of government. For example, the United Nations Development Programme has launched an initiative to help developing countries combat corruption through training and establishing transparent systems of accountability.