What Is Technology?

Technology is a broad term that can be used to describe anything from the way in which we communicate to how we build buildings. It refers to both the tools and machinery we use to solve problems, as well as the methods we employ to achieve those results.

The way in which a business operates and the services it provides are directly related to how effective it is at communicating information and data. Technology can speed up the flow of these things, making it easier for employees and managers to get what they need, serve customers quickly and efficiently and improve overall company performance.

Education is a prime example of how technology can make learning more personalized and accessible for students. Teachers can post assignments online, making it easy for parents to access their student’s progress and monitor academic achievement. They can also use educational apps like Kahoot to review lessons and units with students, allowing them to work independently or in groups while creating anonymous user names for participation.

The word ‘technology’ comes from two Greek words: techne, meaning art, skill or craft and logos, which means word, utterance, or saying. It can be used to describe the way we gain knowledge, how we communicate or even our systems of governance. This definition opens up a wide range of research opportunities, such as investigating the way in which technologies are developed, implemented and adapted by different cultures. For instance, the way in which technology is used to develop new products and services can be studied for its potential to change society.