What Is Technology?


When people talk about technology, their minds automatically conjure up gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, computers, TVs and HiFis. However, if you look closely at the word, it has a very wide meaning in the business world. In fact, it includes all the tools that help in achieving a particular goal. For example, an organization’s IT department uses technologies like software applications and network equipment to help employees work efficiently in the office. It can also include the automation of certain tasks to save costs and improve accuracy.

Communication technology is one of the most important forms of technology. It has been used since 30,000 years ago with the first symbols being cave paintings, petroglyphs and pictograms. It is now used for sending information and data across large distances. People can communicate with each other via telephones, email and even on social media websites.

Educational technology is a form of technology that helps students learn new subjects and solve practical problems in a creative way. For teachers it provides a platform to explain their curriculum materials in a more interesting and interactive way.

Technology has a very positive impact on human lives in terms of improved productivity, better comfort and quality of life as well as medical progress. However, the negative effects of technology are also significant in terms of disruption to existing social hierarchies and environmental degradation. This is why some technological innovations are subject to public debate and potentially formal regulation.