What Is Spirituality?


Spirituality refers to a belief in something more than what is seen and the ability to connect with that greater reality. It encompasses a wide variety of beliefs and practices, including religion, yoga, meditation, chanting, and many other religious and philosophical traditions. People who are spiritual often feel a sense of awe, reverence, and meaning in their lives. Spirituality can also help people cope with stress and find hope.

People who are spiritual may choose to follow any religion, or may combine parts of different ones. This allows them to formulate their own truths, and not be limited by the doctrine of one religion. Spirituality also often emphasizes that everyone’s ultimate truth is the same, despite differences in specific beliefs and practices.

Some people use spirituality to overcome difficulties, such as emotional stress or physical illness. A spiritual person may seek comfort from the belief that they are a part of a larger universe, and that there is someone or something that is always watching and caring for them.

Some people have spiritual experiences during religious services, or when they are in nature. Others have them during conversations with friends, or while reading a book. However, people who are spiritual often believe that they can experience these feelings whenever they want, as long as they are open to it. This openness can lead to a tendency to avoid difficult situations, emotions, and conflicts, a phenomenon known as “spiritual bypassing.” Psychologists have warned that this is not a good thing.