What is News?

News is information about events that occur in the world around us. It can be broadcast on television, written in a newspaper or even yelled across a classroom.

The purpose of News is to inform and educate. It can also entertain if it is done well. However, the entertainment can come from other areas such as music and drama on radio or crosswords and cartoons in a newspaper. The job of a news reporter is to report the facts of an event and not create a work of fiction.

People are interested in weather because it affects their daily lives. They are also concerned with crop diseases and harvest sizes, food prices in the market and what is new about their favourite foods. They want to know what is happening in other parts of the world but may be more interested in local stories, such as the murder of a neighbour or an accident that happened near them.

Celebrities, business leaders and politicians are all newsworthy. They become news when they do something that affects a large number of people, such as win a big prize or get in trouble. They can also be newsworthy if they do something that goes against social norms such as violence or sex scandals. It is important for a newspaper to have a variety of sources so that it has a diverse range of opinions and viewpoints. This can help to avoid bias and extreme views that could mislead readers.