What Is News?


News is information about events that is relevant to the public. It can include a wide range of topics, from sports to politics to crime to natural disasters. News is primarily distributed through newspapers, television and the Internet.

The events that make the news are usually those that are significant, unusual or have a dramatic impact on the community. A typical news story will cover the five Ws: who, what, where, when and why. It will also include any relevant quotes. The quotes should always be attributed to the person making them, using their full name or initials and including any titles they have held or positions they currently hold.

The decision about what is considered to be news is made by people who work for a newspaper, TV or radio station, or on a website. These people are called editors, news directors or even news managers. They sift through the events that happen each day and decide which ones should be in the paper, on the front page of the website or on the news broadcast at 5:00 PM. They are often guided by recommendations from reporters, assistant editors and other people within their organization. These decisions are based on factors such as proximity, controversy, prominence and how newsworthy the event is to a large group of people. In the case of a news site, they might also consider its reputation for being trustworthy. It is important to remember that news sites often have their own biases and can be misleading.