What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a popular or trendy style in clothing, hairstyles, accessories or behavior. It is a form of cultural expression and a major source of social influence. Fashion has a wide appeal and can be observed in trends and styles that vary by region, culture or time. The fashion industry is a multibillion-dollar global enterprise that is involved in the design, production and retailing of clothing. It includes all forms of clothing, from the haute couture dresses designed by famous designers to the everyday clothes worn by people around the world. Fashions may also differ within a society, such as by age, social class, generation, occupation or geography. Fashions often reflect changing attitudes toward beauty and the body.

Throughout history, fashion has often been associated with status and power. In some societies, individuals were restricted to particular colors or types of clothing by law. For example, in ancient Rome, only senators could wear garments dyed with Tyrian purple. In more recent times, individuals have shopped to improve their personal appearance and gain status and social prestige by purchasing clothes.

In modern Western society, the choices for clothing are nearly unlimited. This is partly due to mass-produced, cheap clothing from other countries, which has been distributed to much of the world through the process of globalization. It is also because of the popularity of certain celebrity or model looks and the ways that they are promoted, for instance in films, magazines and music videos.