What Is a Hobby?


A hobby is an activity that someone pursues for pleasure during their leisure time. Hobbies can be artistic, athletic or intellectual in nature and are typically done on a regular basis. Examples of hobbies include putting together model train sets, collecting stamps or growing roses.

Hobbies reduce or eliminate boredom and provide an outlet for creativity. They also help build new skills. Hobbies that require dedication will produce a sense of pride and accomplishment when completed.

Many people find that their hobbies can also be social activities. Whether they meet with friends to play cards, talk about the latest book or take part in a sports league, being involved in a hobby can connect people and introduce them to others who share similar interests.

Artistic hobbies such as doodling, pottery, painting and sewing are popular hobbies that tap into people’s creative side. Photography is another great creative hobby that can be enjoyed by all ages, starting with just a smartphone camera and extending to high-end professional equipment.

Other hobby ideas that can be fun and socially engaging include gardening, geocaching, canning and reading self-improvement books. Refinishing and reupholstering furniture is a practical, money-saving hobby that gives the added benefit of creating unique decor pieces for one’s home. Canning is an excellent hobby for foodies who enjoy preserving their harvest or getting the most out of their local farmers markets.