Singapore Lottery Tickets – How to Buy Singapore Lottery Tickets Online

singapore lottery

There are a few ways to purchase singapore lottery tickets. The classic way is to go to the local lottery shop and buy a ticket. This is what people are used to doing and many are comfortable with this method of purchasing tickets. However, there is a newer method that has been getting more and more popular. This new way is to buy tickets online.

Toto (styled TOTO) is a lottery game in Singapore operated by Singapore Pools, the only legal operator of lotteries and totalizer in-person and online sports betting in Singapore. Launched in 1968, Toto is one of the most popular forms of gambling activities in the country and offers a wide range of prizes. Proceeds from the game are channelled to good causes by the Singapore Totaliser Board.

A lucky bettor has won a staggering $13 million in the Toto draw this Thursday, which was the fourth largest jackpot since 2014. The winning ticket was purchased by a Singapore Pools customer at Rangoon Provision Shop in Race Course Road, the same outlet where another bettor won a $12 million prize in October.

A lottery is a small investment with a potentially big payoff. There are systems – whole books – that improve your odds of winning, but it’s still a game of chance. If you win a large sum of money, it’s important to seek financial advice and be cautious about spending your windfall. Money may cure some problems, but it often introduces new ones.