How to Write Articles About Issues


Articles about issues are pieces of writing that highlight problems, concerns and dilemmas in the world. They also highlight solutions to these issues.

To write an issue-oriented article, first identify the group you want to target. This can be a specific audience, such as parents, students or business people. Or it could be a demographic, such as women or the elderly. Then choose a topic that impacts and affects them.

Start a file folder for each issue you want to write about, and begin collecting articles, facts, statistics and names of players. Then craft a one-sentence opinion on the subject, and make sure that every sentence supports it.

Use a tool like Google Docs or Workflowy to create an outline. This helps you structure your thoughts, and keeps your main points from overlapping or causing confusion. For example, if you’re writing a troubleshooting article, start with the typical reasons why an error may occur. Then break down each cause into a step-by-step process for solving the problem. Keeping the outline clear will help readers find the solutions they need quickly, without getting overwhelmed.