How to Write About Issues That Push People’s Buttons

A topic or subject of discussion or debate: the issue of the rights of women. A matter of importance: the issue of pollution.

Something that is officially offered for sale or distributed: a stamp issue. Something that has been printed or published: a magazine issue.

The main point or question that something raises: What is the real issue?

A misgiving or objection: she has some issues with the new policy.

A matter that is the concern or interest of people: The company’s financial problems are an issue.

An important problem: The environmental issues are a big concern for many people.

Articles about topics that push people’s buttons can have a lot of power, especially when written well. To create an effective article, start by collecting articles, facts, statistics and names of key players in your industry or niche. Then, decide on your one sentence opinion about the topic and make sure that every sentence supports it.

When writing an article, it’s important to remember that the deeper level should emerge naturally, rather than being pushed into readers’ faces. It’s also important to avoid writing for search engines, as this can lead to a lack of clarity and consistency.

Use issues to collaborate on ideas, solve problems and plan work with your team. You can use issues to discuss feature proposals, questions, support requests and bug reports. You can also track the development progress of your project with commits, builds and pull requests.