How to Write About Issues on a Blog


Issues are problems that affect a wide range of people in society. Examples of issues include abortion, climate change, poverty, terrorism and racial discrimination. Writing articles about these issues can be controversial, but it’s also a way to educate and inform readers about important challenges that the world faces.

A key element of an article on issues is to avoid inflammatory rhetoric. It’s important to keep in mind that a blog reader is not going to be as forgiving as a newspaper editor, so you must take care to structure your arguments carefully. While it’s okay to express an opinion, it should be backed up by facts and statistics rather than personal attacks.

For example, a blogger can write an issue-oriented article on the auto industry crisis by comparing and contrasting GM with Toyota. He could use interviews and insider information to create an informative, unbiased piece. But he wouldn’t want to write an article simply saying “I don’t like GM,” because that’s a personal attack and will not be well received by his audience.

Other important social issues include civil rights, education, gender equality and global warming. Some of these issues are more pressing in certain areas than others, but it’s important to understand that many of them are connected. For instance, if a country has poor education systems, it’s likely that the population will not be able to address other issues such as corruption or environmental pollution.