How to Write a News Article

News is current information about events that is obtained through the word of mouth, printing, postal systems, broadcasting or electronic communication. It must be objective and impartial in accordance with its own ethical rules.

A news article is a written piece that informs the reader of something that has recently happened, or a subject of public interest. A news article usually includes the date, time and place of an event, as well as a description of the cause of the event and any consequences it may have. News articles can also contain personal opinion, but this should be clearly identified as such.

To write a news article, start by brainstorming a snappy headline that concisely informs readers of the story while seizing their attention. Once you have your headline, begin researching the topic thoroughly. Gather facts from multiple sources and cite them properly in your article. Next, create an upside-down pyramid style outline to help you organize the facts in order of their importance.

Crime: Any criminal act can be newsworthy, but the more unusual or serious the crime, the more likely it is to be reported. Celebrities: People in the public eye are of interest to the media, especially if they fall from grace or lose their wealth. Money: The economy, food prices, wages, taxes and school fees are all topics of interest to the general public.

All societies are interested in sex, although it is not always talked about openly. News stories about sex can be particularly interesting if they involve behaviour which is against society’s generally accepted standards.