Business Services

Business services

Business services are those activities that support the core operations of a business without creating a tangible product. They could include IT services, accounting or business consulting. They may also include design services such as a graphic designing firm that designs logos, signs, publications and web graphics for business customers or utility services such as a solar panel installer that charges commercial customers based on their power consumption.

Unlike product-based businesses, service-based businesses do not need a lot of start-up capital as they don’t need to spend on producing products for the market. Instead they need to focus on meeting the needs and requirements of their clients through their expertise and experience. This is why they need to have good relationships with their clients in order to be able to offer them services that they require.

From an IT perspective, it is important to understand the relationship between a business service and its application services in order to manage them effectively. This can be done by identifying business service offerings and mapping them to the technical service offering. By establishing this link, it becomes possible to identify what is critical for the business and how the IT services should be prioritized in case of disruption.

New York State’s Business Services Center (BSC) is a central office that increases efficiencies and lowers costs by streamlining transactional human resources and finance services that are common across agencies. This is accomplished by a dedicated workforce committed to excellence.