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Imaging Informatics Resource Center: A One-Stop Shop of Curated Knowledge

Your intrepid JACR blogger dives into another realm of the journal's digital offerings.

So there I was one day, innocently (of course) checking out previously unexplored features on the JACR homepage. Having convinced myself that it's always good to leave something for another time, I had not yet worked my way through all its nooks and crannies. Nearing the end of my quest, I ventured to the uncharted waters of the bottom of the page.

I saw a small image of devices on the lower right-hand corner of the JACR homepage for Mobile JACR and beneath that, a little toggle feature. Naturally, I was curious. Click! It transformed to another image that advertised the Imaging Informatics Resource Center (something I would not normally gravitate to), but I was in an uncharacteristically adventurous mood. Click!

Seeing the Informatics section for the first time produced a relatively mild visceral response: my jaw dropped slightly but did not actually open. How the heck did I not know this stuff was here before?

I had come upon a treasure trove the likes of which I had not seen during other JACR icon-clicking episodes. Sure, you can go deep-diving into the Imaging 3.0™ section on and get lost for hours. Don't get me wrong. There is so much great content throughout the JACR site, but count me thoroughly impressed with the Imaging Informatics Resource Center.

What I'm especially drawn to on the resource center is the meticulous curation of a large number of materials and resources. The layout is tidy and the content well-organized. It just begs to be investigated. And so I did.

Numerous key informatics articles can be found on the homepage but also organized in the "Channels" box on the right-hand side, such as those in the December 2014 Special Bonus Issue of the JACR: ACR Imaging IT Reference Guide, including free articles non-ACR members can access.

You could share these links with colleagues in primary care and use these articles to begin a conversation about imaging decision support tools, reporting content and style, report communication, etc. You'll also find videos to watch, a dedicated Twitter handle (@InformaticsRC) to follow, and even a link to the Radiology and Health IT Blog (with content provided by Mike Peters, director of regulatory and legislative affairs for the ACR Government Relations team).

A team of informatics experts created this peer-reviewed online portal so you can quickly get the highest quality information and guidance in this rapidly evolving domain that has such significant and growing impact on all of medical imaging. The Imaging Informatics Resource Center is a one-stop shop for all your imaging informatics knowledge needs. So go ahead, spend some time exploring the JACR Imaging Informatics Resource Center. It's time well spent.

Hats off to the JACR Informatics team for a job well done! This includes IIRC editors Arun Krishnaraj, MD, MPH (@AKrishnarajMD), and Christoph Wald MD, PhD (@waldchristoph), as well as the ACR Commission on Informatics (made up of Keith Dreyer, DO, PhD, FACR, chair, Christoph Wald, MD, PhD, vice chair, and Raym Geis, MD, vice chair).

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

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