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How Do You Measure a Year?

The JACR blog celebrates its first anniversary and looks forward to growth in its second year.

With these two tweets, the JACR blog officially launched on Monday, September 28, 2015. How time flies! It's hard to believe that the JACR blog has been in existence for an entire year. Reflecting back, some of the highlights and achievements of this past year include blogposts with over 2000 page views, engagement with an audience that includes individuals outside the "traditional" JACR readership (ACR members), sustained popularity of the blog-embedded Radiology Firing Line podcasts (now available on iTunes), and serving as a crossroads of JACR digital initiatives (such as tweetchat topics) and ACR resources (such as Imaging 3.0® materials).

Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes. 
Five hundred twenty-five thousand 
Moments so dear. 
Five hundred twenty-five thousand 
Six hundred minutes. 
How do you measure, measure a year? 

- From "Seasons of Love" in Rent the Broadway musical

In blogposts, altmetrics,
In tweetchats, in podcasts, 
Links to peer-reviewed articles.
A new digital initiative born. 
Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes.
How do you measure a year of JACR blog?

- With apologies to Rent the Broadway musical

As the second year of JACR blog unfolds, readers can look forward to more guest bloggers. You've probably already seen a few posts from patient advocate and JACR Associate Editor Andrea Borondy Kitts. Moving forward, you will be hearing from more JACR associate editors, who will share their expertise, perspectives, and opinions. We look forward to increasing the blogpost frequency and providing you with additional content. We have more Radiology Firing Line podcasts coming up, which consist of lively brief debates about hot topics and controversies in radiology.

I am so grateful to Drs. Bruce Hillman and Ruth Carlos for the experience of the Hillman Fellowship, the doors it has opened for me, and for the opportunity to bring this blog to life. I am connecting with so many new and wonderful people – ACR members, member-in-training, and non-radiologists such as patient advocates. You inspire me every day by your passion and commitment to improving patient care. I am especially delighted by the bond I have with the incredible staff at ACR, especially the ACR Press team. Their boundless energy, collegiality, and demonstrated commitment to advancing the ACR mission is indefatigable. They provide a compelling argument for an elixir of their combined talent, can-do attitude, and bottomless well of passion for connecting people of every stripe with the highest-quality health care information. It would be exactly what this doctor would prescribe for a health care system that too often fails providers and their patients.

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