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Recognize the Champions Among Us

Nominate a colleague who leads the way to appropriate care every day.

There are talented, outgoing, organized, energetic, and highly effective radiologists that everyone knows and admires. They relish a challenge and bank impressive achievements. They receive accolades galore, quite deservedly. But then around the corner sits another radiologist, hard-working but unassuming. Yet you know that this person is passionate about patient-centered care and has quietly changed departmental or even institutional culture, building a coalition of like-minded individuals behind the scenes.

This person always makes time to talk to patients, family, and other stakeholders about imaging studies and is accessible for consultations when referring providers call. The radiologist in question empowers patients and providers alike to make appropriate imaging choices backed by unambiguous high-quality information and never misses an opportunity to improve imaging quality and safety.

Chances are you know someone like that. Although they may be innovators, people like this are usually most effective at executing a plan, carrying out all the steps necessary to turn an abstract idea (their own or someone else's) into action items and produce tangible results. Perhaps preferring to work their magic in the shadows of so-called giants in the field, these unsung heroes nevertheless deserve their moment in the spotlight. You can make that happen. Won't you acknowledge one of them today by honoring their contributions?

It's so easy to nominate a worthy colleague to be a Choosing Wisely Champion.

Nominees should meet one or more of the criteria in the following areas:

Communicating With Patient and Families

 • Ensures all stakeholders (referring colleagues, technologists, other staff) are equipped to educate patients and families before and after the exam

• Prioritizes interaction, empowering patients to make decisions about their care. Is accessible before and after the exam to address patients' questions and concerns

• Includes patient advisors in practice decisions

Educating Referring Colleagues

• Proactively educates referring colleagues about imaging procedures, techniques, safety and appropriate use criteria 

• Ensures availability for consultations with referring colleagues

Supporting Clinical Practice

• Shows leadership in developing appropriateness criteria within their specialty society

• Participates in efforts to reduce dose at their institution or within organized medicine

Submitting a nomination just takes a few minutes!

Additional Resources

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